Thursday, July 23, 2009

Confetion of a sissy faggot!

This is my confetion! I am addicted to finding new ways to HUMILIATE my-self in piblic places!

I am waiting for the day when I am caught! I just hope I get caught by a regular person or a hot girl rather than by the cops!

One of my faverate things to do in my free time is to go out to a public park, rest area or lake and dress like a total sissy faggot and wank off. I do this at least once a week, but this is the first time I have documented it with pictures. I hope you enjoy my humiliation and please leave your comments and any new ideas you may have for me.

The first thing I do of course is deside what I want to wear and use for my little adventure. (I think it would be GREAT fun if I was TOLD what to wear and use) Once I have everything packed I take a drive and find a good place to play.

On this occation I have chossen a porta-john in the back of a nice sized park during late morning. I chose late morning because I didn't want the park to be over run with people. But, I do like to see a few people walking around. It adds to the possability of accualy getting caught and truely humiliated!

Next, I take a look around to see how many people are in the area. Like I said, not to many but if there aren't any than some of the fun and fear are lost!

And I always check to make sure I have what I like to call "Sissy Juice" with me! It is accualy called "poppers". All it is is a small bottle of liquid that you inhail and it gets you really high for a few minutes. It doesn't last long so you may have to inhail it a few times while you are playing. I LUV the high I get from it! The higher I get the more daring I get and I feel like such a silly little sissy faggot too!

Now you want to make sure a place like this is clean! Otherwise you will be too worried about jerms to have any fun! I always take bleech-wipes with me just in case I need to do a little cleaning my=self! And I NEVER use a porta-john on the weekends! They don't make enough bleech for that!!

And I like to have good visability so I know when someone might walk by. Every time someone walks by I make sure I am wanking my little sissy dickie as loudly as possable in hopes that they might open the door to see what I am doing! And I ALWAYS make sure I leave the door UNLOCKED!!!

Now it's time to get dressed! For this outing I chose my baby pink baby doll nighty. It is very soft pink satin with lace trim and the panties are double layered with pillow stuffing in them!
And of course every little sissy needs heels and nylons right! And to complete the sissy faggot look we must not forget a cute wig and lots of thick lip stick too!

So, now I'm all dressed up and looking like a total sissy faggot! Can you think of anything I'm missing? You got it! A big fat toy to abuse my little sissy faggot cunt!

Now this isn't my biggest or my faverate but it stays in easily and still has the stretch my sissy cunt needs. Sometimes I take bigger toys!

Now, I'm all dressed up looking like my true self...A total cum drinking, ball washing, ass licking, cock sucking pantywaist sissy faggot!!! What do you think? Am I ready to play? Well, sometimes I go ALOT further than this. Sometimes I even take bungy straps and suspend my-self or give my-self a forced weggie, or just tie my-self into a possition that would keep me from locking the door when I see someone comming close!Remember? The door MUST ALWAYS STAY UNLOCKED!!!

But, for today I am keeping it simple. But, remember! I am always looking for others to give me new ideas and instructions! Tell me what you want and I'll do my best to give it too you! Being humiliated by others or by others instructions is my biggest turn-on!

Now it's time to start playing! Unfortunatly, today there are fewer people at the park than what I would like, so I don't think there is much chance of getting caught. Next time I will try a different park that isn't so big...

So, to start out, I like to go with a few sniffs of my sissy juice! Remember, the "poppers" that get me high! I only sniff a little to get started, but as time passes I do more and more! Sometimes I will even do what is called "rag hits" where I poor a little sissy juice into a pair of satin panties and inhail from the rag! Rag hits get me REALLY high and almost unaware of what I am doing to my-self!

And now it's time to break out the toy! Some people call me a "size queen" because I like big toys, but I just like to feel my-self stretching as if a real man were raping my pussy ass! I still like smaller toys too, but the BIG ones really bring out the sissy in me! Next time I will bring something bigger!

OMG! That feels SOO GOOD!!!I should really try this on web cam some time! I think it would be really hot to be used on web cam by perfect straingers while out in public like this! What do you think? Maybe I'll try that this weekend!!!

And I almost forgot about the weighted ball streatcher I'm wearing! Next time I'll show you my other ball streatchers! They are pink leather, much longer and hurt so nicely!!!

I wish I had remembered to bring an extra toy to gag my cock sucker with!
Could you imagine if someone were to open the door right now and see me in pink satin lingerie, wig, lip stick, ball stretcher, thigh high nylons, pink heels and a big black plug in my faggot ass pounding my pussy pud like there was a gun to my head??? What would you do if you walked in on me?

And of course I always like to leave my mark when I'm finished!
I'm always open to comments and suggestion.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sissy beginnings

My story started the same as many of yours, dressing in mommies panties and heels at a very young age and digging around in the closet and dresser drawers for nylons, steeling panties from my friends sisters room and dressing as a slut for holloween.
As the years passed it turned into a life-style rather than just a fetish. I started collecting my own sissy clothes and keeping them hidden any place I could. After I got married my wife found some of them and I was forced to tell her. At first she was kool with it and even helped me dress and sometimes even went out with me to clubs or parks in the middle of the night. Of course, like most women, she was just bidding her time till she found a real man who would suport her like I did! And when that finaly happened, she was gone, devorsed me took everything and turned me out in court!
I remember just before the end I found out she was cheeting on me, and she told me that her "boyfriend" was bi and wanted to play with both of us! Well, this sounded good to me so I said what the hell! The first time he came over, I had the pleasure of licking his balls and ass while he fucked my wife and when he was done she let me suck his cock and her pussy clean! I thought I was in heaven!
The next time he came over I was expecting the same kind of thing. She had me dress in my sissy things and said that this was going to be a night to remember! So dressed in pink and black Lingerie I waited on the coutch while she was getting ready. It seemed to take her longer than ussual so I went to see what she was doing. She looked like she was ready for a night on the town! She said she wanted to rollplay and wanted to look the part so of course I thought "kool".
Before she was finished the doorbell rang. She said that was him and told me to answer the door. I did and he came in. He sat down on the couch with me and we talked a little while we waited for my wife to come out of the bathroom.
When she finaly came out she looked soo hot! I could see my wifes "boyfriends" pants start to rise and couldn't wait to see his cock in her and taste her juices on his balls again! Then the doorbell rang again! Of course, not knowing who it might be I started for the back of the house! But my wife stopped me and told me I was to answer the door again. I protested, but she said it was a suprise for me and to answer it NOW! Feeling very exposed and unsure I did as she told me to do. I opened the door to see a tall well built man wiating. My wife walked up behind me and ussured him in. He brushed past me almost laughing. This didn't seem right to me for some reason, but I thought maybe I was going to get to see my wife with TWO men tonight! My wife introduce me to this new man as her Sissy Faggot Husband and told me to turn for him to show him what a sissy I was. Felling a little humiliated I did as I was told and pranced around a little to there amusment.
Then she told me to go in the living room and beg to suck her other "boyfriends" cock and not to stop till he let me but say nothing of the other guy who had come in. She said it was going to be fun to "come home from a date to find her husband sucking cock in the living room"! Part of the rollplaying for the night! Well, I once again did as she told me to do and walked into the living room and down on my knees in front of the man sitting on the couch and told him my wife wanted me to make sure he was ready. He asked who was at the door and I told him it was the pizza guy. He let me pull his pants down and spread his legs. I began liking his balls and cock then kissing his cock head and as I did he blew his load all over my face before his cock was even in my mouth. I only smiled knowing that, like the last time, he would NOT go soft and would blow more loads that night than I could in a week! But, at that moment I heard the sound of a shutter flash and when I turned around I saw my wife with a camera in her had and a BIG smile on her face, with her new "boyfriend" beside her laughing! I wasn't sure what was going on, but I did not want pictures of this.
The man on the couch who had just juzzed all over my face got up and quickly pulled his pants up and left! I got up off my knees and tried to get the camera but the big guy pushed me down and told me to enjoy looking at my wife because she was leaving me for him! "What is this, a game" I said! "No faggot" my wife said "it's your comming out party"! Laughing, both of them left.
Laying on the living room floor in lingerie with cum all over my face I knew my marrege was over and that I was going to loose everything. And for some strange reason I felt the urge to jack off!

Now if you think what you just read was just a "tall tail" I assure you that 98% is the absolute trueth. Only a little bit at the end was exadurated. I didn't really feel like jerking off. I was accualy quit humiliated and at the time did not appritiate the feeling as I do now. If I had it to do over I would pucker my faggot pussy ass around a door nobb and wack it till dawn!
This was my first real exposure to being humiliated, but not my last! Humiliation has become an addiction for me know and I often go out of my way to humiliate my-self even in public. As I post more blogs, some will just be fantasy and others reality. I will of course tell you witch is witch.

If you have any ideas on how I can publicly humiliate my-self in new ways (without getting cought) please let me know! I am running out of new ideas:(

I will also try to get some pics and maybe even vid of my humiliation in the near future.